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Re: yacc v0.1 (Yet Another Constitution Candidate)

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Raghavendra Bhat wrote:

> "Gurunandan R. Bhat" is dead on target:
> > LI should not raise funds (either from sponsorships or donations or
> > membership dues, anything) in a manner that would create wealth
> > (capital). 

> But is it going to stick, Guru ?

It might, if you, me and our friends resist all attempts at getting it
unstuck. But no promises ;)

I am aware that each one of us is imperfect in one or other way. But I am
counting on other people's perfect parts to cover up my own imperfections.
You can count on me to do the same. That's our only chance at building
perfect organisations.

> People/Baby-LUGs who/which raise/get money will be reluctant to let
> go.  

The LUGs will do what they will. But none of that should be allowed to
taint LI. Currently, we do not have the mandate to decide on the conduct
of individual LUGs and I hope we never have occasion to. That is the duty
of the members of the individual LUGs.

> Politics for power/pelf are going to happen if we do not adhere to
> these guidelines strictly as suggested.

Let us keep faith that the representatives our LUGs will send to LI will
not go against the Constitution. Our job is easier than theirs is going to