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Re: Some queries to *all* list members

Biju Chacko wrote:

> 1.Do we need this secrecy?
> The only benefit is that some people can make assertions about
> the decisions of this list without having to substantiate them.

Yes, we need this in the limited way as put forth by Thaths.
Thaths and Arun Sharma are dead right on this aspect.

You can take your benefit of doubt to your list and discuss it out
there and come here to substantiate it.

> 2. Did this list decide to spend two months talking?
> How complicated will LI be? 

Talking we have to do.  No way out.  

Very much complicated that the users' are going to control it.
Some LUGs may not opt to join the parent LI body 'coz it is 
gross.  What benefit does the regional LUG see in joining the 
LI parent ? Not for FREEBIES, like CDs and Tee Shirts of some
XYZ company which  has got its Directors on the ILUG mailing 
list or the ILUG bigwigs on its payroll.

> 3. How many people want a big, complicated LI ?
> All we need is a single, legal, point of contact for LUGs in India.
> the co-ordinators decide which one of themselves gets to receive 
> LI's mail.

Some want a big LI and some do not.  We have to trash things out.

We, as representatives of local LUGs are not interested in what U want.
Decide that for urself. The co-ordinators have decided which one of
themselves gets to receive LI's mail.  It is you who have not got a clue
of what you are upto.

> I would like to see replies from *everybody* on this list.
> I get the feeling that the rest find this process so distastful 
> that they are abstaining.

What if you do not see replies ?  Distasteful of what..Can you please 
elaborate ?

> [1] I'm sure PCQ stands to gain from the growth of Linux in India.
> But don't we all? When our interests co-incide we *should* co-operate.

Why are you saying only PCQ ? There are others too and we should
cooperate and co-ordinate with them too.  We should co-operate with
all for the users' benefit. If we are to co-operate only with PCQ,
we stand to be alienated at a later point in time.  This is not 
an issue of PCQ, IT.com or anything. We are here to decide about 
us..the LUGs around the country !!

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