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Re: Some queries to *all* list members

> 1.Do we need this secrecy?
> -----------------------------------------------------

I think yes, till we come out with something meaningful or something
regarding any major decision for LI.

> I see no gain in keeping the archives of this list closed. Sure, only a
> people are posting, for the sake of sanity. But is so confidential about
> content that we have to keep it secret fro other members of the linux
> community. The only benefit is that some people can make assertions about
> the decisions of this list without having to substantiate them.

Its not because we are talking something confidential or top secret, its
because the purpose of the list would not be solved if the list contents
were public at all times. Otherwise the flaming capacity that we display on
the list (remember LIH or LIG) wont allow us to reach on any decision. And
as such in any case of voting, the concensus of the local LIG members can
and should be taken by the representatives.

> 2. Did this list decide to spend two months talking?
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> When did this list decide that it needed two months to come up with an LI
> organisation? I remember no vote, no consensus. The last I heard we were

Did that IT.com issue allow us to decide anything worthwhile till now??

> 3. How many people want a big, complicated LI ?
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> What do I know about Calcutta's problems? What does Chennai know about
> Indore? What is the use of a complicated all-india organisation? The LUGs
> *must* be completely autonomous. All we need is a single, legal, point of
> contact for LUGs in India. It's constitution would be simple: the
> co-ordinators decide which one of themselves gets to receive LI's mail.

LUG's have been and would always be autonomous. If you talk of commercial
issues, on the local level or on the national level, who would like to
oblige this group if we do not show any sense of responsibility or
collective effort?? For that we need to work on and finalise the
"Constitution" we are here to discuss. And I dont think that would be a
simple task with the kind of discussion talent we have in this country.

> I would like to see replies from *everybody* on this list. The discussions
> seem to be dominated by three of four people. What about Bombay?
> Delhi? Indore? I get the feeling that the rest find this process so
> distastful that they are abstaining.

Correct!! But....The process is not distastful, whats making it distasteful
is the flames which have been going around in loops. And is there a need for
everyone on this list to comment on every thread going on?

> [1] I'm sure PCQ stands to gain from the growth of Linux in India. But
> we all? When our interests co-incide we *should* co-operate.

Thats what we are here for, but would we be able to co-operate while some of
our interests or should I say opinions, DON't co-incide?? And I dont
understand why PCQ and IT.com are being dragged and are being stretched so

We surely have to be prepared for IT.com and at this moment what we need is
a common concensus on the  some constitution so that we are ready with the
required formalities before we start loosing opportunities due to mutual
differences. And this is just one specific event! We would need to face this
legal entity thing in EVERY big event that we try to participate in.


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