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Some queries to *all* list members


I have a few queries to all the members of this list.

1.Do we need this secrecy?
I see no gain in keeping the archives of this list closed. Sure, only a few
people are posting, for the sake of sanity. But is so confidential about the
content that we have to keep it secret fro other members of the linux
community. The only benefit is that some people can make assertions about
the decisions of this list without having to substantiate them.

2. Did this list decide to spend two months talking?
When did this list decide that it needed two months to come up with an LI
organisation? I remember no vote, no consensus. The last I heard we were
still discussing it -- some favoured deadlines others did not. Even without
deadlines we were going by Thath's four week schedule. Somehow, Arun
mistakenly thought we decided we needed so much time that we ought to throw
away a Rs10 lakh, no strings attached [1] sponsorship from PCQ. All they
wanted was an assurance that a legal entity existed by IT.COM. We could not
manage that? We need so much time? How complicated will LI be? Which brings
up the next query

3. How many people want a big, complicated LI ?
What do I know about Calcutta's problems? What does Chennai know about
Indore? What is the use of a complicated all-india organisation? The LUGs
*must* be completely autonomous. All we need is a single, legal, point of
contact for LUGs in India. It's constitution would be simple: the
co-ordinators decide which one of themselves gets to receive LI's mail.

I would like to see replies from *everybody* on this list. The discussions
seem to be dominated by three of four people. What about Bombay? Trivandrum?
Delhi? Indore? I get the feeling that the rest find this process so
distastful that they are abstaining.

I would like to know what *everybody* feels about each point.



[1] I'm sure PCQ stands to gain from the growth of Linux in India. But don't
we all? When our interests co-incide we *should* co-operate.

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