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Re: why register


>>>>> "Arun" == Arun Sharma <adsharma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Arun> On Sat, Sep 02, 2000 at 11:56:18PM +0530, Indranil Das Gupta
    Arun> wrote:
    >> I would also like to know what is the status of
    >> contributions/donations made to non-profit organisation? are
    >> these contribution if made by any person exempt from taxation
    >> in anyway?

    Arun> In the US, you have to be a registered under a specific tax
    Arun> category 501(c). There must be a similar tax law in India.

	Yes, there is one.  I dont know the exact thing but I think
you need the 80G excemption thing, this does require a formal