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Re: Please read

--- Prabhu Ramachandran <prabhu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 0) Biju, you should have mentioned this problem immediately when the
> IT.com thing came up.  The current situation changes _everything_.  I
> am sure most of us had no idea of what was going on.

*I* had very little idea of the scale of the problem until Saturday.
However,  Arun, Thaths and KD as well as various others have been aware of
this since *November* last year (last IT.COM).

> 3) I have no idea why this whole thing has been put off untill the
> last minute.  Why wasnt this whole deal brought up earlier?  Did PCQ
> tell you of the problems late??

People have been formally asking for this process to be started since
February. I am not sure why it has been delayed so long.

> 4) Under the current circumstances we have the foll. choices.
> 	a) Forget IT.com.  This may not turn out to be too bad since
> 	there certainly will be commercial linux concerns.  Therefore
> 	there will be a "linux presence" of some kind.  There will be
> 	no representatives of LI though.
> 	b) The various LUG's can somehow pool money (I can ask Lateral
> 	software and OS4 at ilugc for support) and get a small stall
> 	for LI (i.e. ILUGB).  I think we should be able to collect
> 	small amounts without many problems.  There are quite a few
> 	commercial linux concerns at B'lore too.  For instance at the
> 	PCQ expo at Chennai, Lateral generously sponsered a nice stall
> 	for ilugc next to theirs.  Similarly, OS4 completely funded
> 	the Linux demo day here.

This is very kind but impractical for two reasons:

1. the amount of money: Rs 10 lakhs is what PCQ was prepared to foot.

2. The stalls are not available. PCQ booked this *last* year in the
expectation that there would be a legal entity in one year's time.

> 	c) Somehow hurry up the LI formalization issue.  I guess the
> 	answer to this is a big no.  So it leaves us with the above
> 	two choices.

Don't hurry it up. I never asked that it be hurried up. Just that it be
completed in the advertised four weeks. And that assurance be conveyed to

> Or do none of you folks care about this at all?  Please communicate.
> Enough damage has been caused by lack of it so far.
> prabhu

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