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Re: Please read


>>>>> "Arun" == Arun Sharma <adsharma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Arun> On Sat, Sep 02, 2000 at 04:16:34PM +0530, Prabhu
    Arun> Ramachandran wrote:
    >> This is *bad*.  Real *bad*.  Arun - comments?

    Arun> Why is it bad ? I just relayed your comments to PCQ - that
    Arun> we're not hurrying things up for the sake of IT.COM.

	Fair enough.  I have the foll. things to say:

0) Biju, you should have mentioned this problem immediately when the
IT.com thing came up.  The current situation changes _everything_.  I
am sure most of us had no idea of what was going on.

1) Last year we had a "linux presence" at IT.com.  I believe that they
even had a penguin parade and stuff like that.  If we are concerned
about linux in India we need to have as good if not better presence
this year.  Don't you agree?  Now, as per Biju's mail there are two
specific problems

	a) PCQ or any other organisation would find it hard to provide
	large amounts of funding if there are audit problems.

	b) If there is no funding no LUG can have a stall at IT.com.

2) My original post against hurrying things up for IT.com was made
under the impression that ILUGB was anyway going to have a stall
independant of the current decision.  Indeed, none of the other
posters indicated that there was a serious problem.

3) I have no idea why this whole thing has been put off untill the
last minute.  Why wasnt this whole deal brought up earlier?  Did PCQ
tell you of the problems late??

4) Under the current circumstances we have the foll. choices.

	a) Forget IT.com.  This may not turn out to be too bad since
	there certainly will be commercial linux concerns.  Therefore
	there will be a "linux presence" of some kind.  There will be
	no representatives of LI though.  

	b) The various LUG's can somehow pool money (I can ask Lateral
	software and OS4 at ilugc for support) and get a small stall
	for LI (i.e. ILUGB).  I think we should be able to collect
	small amounts without many problems.  There are quite a few
	commercial linux concerns at B'lore too.  For instance at the
	PCQ expo at Chennai, Lateral generously sponsered a nice stall 
	for ilugc next to theirs.  Similarly, OS4 completely funded
	the Linux demo day here.

	c) Somehow hurry up the LI formalization issue.  I guess the
	answer to this is a big no.  So it leaves us with the above
	two choices.

Or do none of you folks care about this at all?  Please communicate.
Enough damage has been caused by lack of it so far.