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Re: Please read


>>>>> "Biju" == Biju Chacko <botsie@xxxxxxxx> writes:

    Biju> Arun has written to PCQ (our sponsors) informing them that
    Biju> this list has decided that LI will not be participating in
    Biju> IT.COM. PCQ is not willing to sponsor a regional
    Biju> organisation. That is the highlight of my LUG's year.  We've
    Biju> been discussing it since the last IT.COM. My LUGers are
    Biju> naturally unhappy. *I'm* really upset. Naturally, I'm
    Biju> inclined to be less than polite.  My apologies if I offended
    Biju> anybody.

	This is *bad*.  Real *bad*.  Arun - comments?  I think we
should make an exception and say ILUGB represents LI for this once.
PCQ _should_ understand.  It would be crazy if there was a linux
presence last year that made big waves (yeah I heard about it) and
_none_ this year.   Just think what that means.