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Re: Please read

--- Arun Sharma <adsharma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> People who know each other from LI and identify with it, can still
> go in as an informal group. We may not have a *legal* presence. I
> don't know if that is a requirement - because there was a LI stall
> last year, without LI being a legal entity.

Arun, I am surprised by your reply. Since you are well aware of the
circumstances, I cannot imagine how you could write this. If I were of a
suspicious nature I would conclude that this was a blatant attempt to
mislead this list. However, I am sure I have misunderstood you.

For those of you who do not have the background:

1. PCQ offered to sponsor LI at IT.COM. Their only condition was that LI be
a legal entity because they got into trouble with their auditors last year.

2. The deadline for PCQ to confirm with IT.COM organisers has come up.

3. We do not have any legal (even a figurehead) entity in place.

4. Arun informed PCQ that this list's "consensus" was that LI would not be
ready in time.

5. PCQ is not willing to sponsor any regional organisations.

6. B-LUG's entire activities (all designed in terms of preperation for this
expo) for the year have been rendered meaningless.


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