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Re: Please read

Biju Chacko proclaimed:
> *I* had very little idea of the scale of the problem until Saturday.
> However,  Arun, Thaths and KD as well as various others have been aware of
> this since *November* last year (last IT.COM).

Arun, and I have /not/ been aware of the scale of any problem.  Probably KD
too.  PCQ or any for-profit entity has not confided their balance sheet and
auditors report with us.

> People have been formally asking for this process to be started since
> February. I am not sure why it has been delayed so long.

Various reasons.  Mainly, distrust among the various ILUGs.  There.  I've
come out and said it.

> Don't hurry it up. I never asked that it be hurried up. Just that it be
> completed in the advertised four weeks. And that assurance be conveyed to
> PCQ.

Better to do it late and do it right, than to do it wrong.

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