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Re: Please read

On Sun, Sep 03, 2000 at 03:57:24AM -0400, Biju Chacko wrote:

> 2. The stalls are not available. PCQ booked this *last* year in the
> expectation that there would be a legal entity in one year's time.

So the concerned people all the while knew this !!  If so then there is
no point is debating this Societification issue.  I strongly believe
that a decision has been taken long back,  let us cast our votes
and be done with it.  Any way it will be seen through...even if some

> I never asked that it be hurried up. Just that it be completed in 
> the advertised four weeks. And that assurance be conveyed to PCQ.

One never asked but was hoping against hope that it would be formalized
fast ?!?  Maybe you are reminding that this issue should be concluded fast.
Where was it advertised that this issue should be completed in 4 weeks ?
What assurance ? To whom ?  If at all LI is going to participate in
IT.com, I request that we participate as a User Group representing the
whole of India with a distinct stall.  We need not be a FRONT organization
for PCQ/Chip/XYZ to do their bidding and to boost their sales.  We shall 
accept donations [see SPI] and stand on our legs but not do their act,
even if they have graciously booked a stall for LI; in anticipation.

We are not here to please PCQ/Chip/XYZ Linux Mag.  We stand for the
larger user base...that is the Indian GNU/Linux User.  I see the debate
going well past November First.  I say, take the vote *now* ('coz Arun- 
Sharma earlier on implied that I wanted it fast) or after November
second week.

Keeping the Air-Waves FREE.....Amateur Radio
Keeping the W W W     FREE..Debian GNU/Linux