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Re: Thoughts about constitution


>>>>> "Arun" == Arun Sharma <adsharma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Arun> I apologize for posting stuff outside the agenda that was
    Arun> set for the week. Let us try to keep the discussion crisp
    Arun> and focussed.

	I also apologize for going off tangent.  Loss of sleep and
anger make poor writing easy. :)

	Here are a few points I think we need to settle first before
doing anything.  

(1) Why do we need a national level body?

  If it is to just keep in touch, no formality is required.  We can
  just have a dedicated mailing list.  If the need arises issues can
  be settled there.

  If it is to manage national linux related events, well, that is
  rather hard.  I'd like to think of LUG's as more informal groups.
  As one member at ILUGC put it, some of us would like to think of
  LI/Local LUG's as clubs of people who share a common passion for an
  open source (put your favourite choice of words here) OS.  Putting a
  formal body seems to destroy that spirit.

(2) I think some of us need some history lessons.  :) Why did this
deal of creating a non profit organisation come up at all?

(3) What is wrong currently?  What problems do we foresee??

  (a) Do we have issues between LUGs right now?  Or do we foresee ones
      in the future?

  (b) Are we ever going to organize events on a huge national scale as
      LI?  i.e.  Is LI going to organize a national event on linux?

(4) What _exactly_ is the charter of LI (or is that what we have to
see here)?

  (a)  What do we want from such an organisation?

  (b) Are we doing the job right now??

	That's all I can think of right now.