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Re: Thoughts about constitution

---On 25/08/00 13:19 -0700, Arun Sharma wrote: 
> One of the things that we'll have to decide about is where to draw
> the line between local lug and LI. Something along the lines of
> state subjects and federal subjects :)


> - Each ILUG elects its representatives, who represent the ILUG in LI.
>   The number could be more than 1.
> - The membership would be weighted by the number of local ILUG members
>   the representitive represents.

The question of representation and how it should be structured can
really only decided after we understand what these representatives have
to do.

That can only be decided after some aims and objectives of LI are
clearly stated.

As of now I am unclear as to what an all-India organisation will do that
cannot be achieved by individual LUGs.

Can we start by determining what an all-India organisation will be
doing? Somebody please enlighten me on this.


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