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Thoughts about constitution

One of the things that we'll have to decide about is where to draw
the line between local lug and LI. Something along the lines of
state subjects and federal subjects :)

My thoughts:

- Local lugs

	- queries of local interests
		- where do I get a CD
		- who sells linux compatible machines etc
		- local jobs
		- technical queries that can be answered locally

- LI

	- nationwide events like IT.COM
	- advocacy/mass support issues
	- technical queries which couldn't be dealt with locally
	- inter ilug activity
Feel free to add/delete to/from the list.

Another RFC:

Operating mode:

- Each ILUG elects its representatives, who represent the ILUG in LI.
  The number could be more than 1.
- The membership would be weighted by the number of local ILUG members
  the representitive represents.

Comments ?