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Re: Thoughts about constitution

Would it be possible to look for and maintain a list / database of companies
/ institutions using or working on Linux on the local as well as national

Well, this would obv. have to be done voluntarily by local LUG's. I think
this would help in an estimation of the activities related to Linux in the
corporate world and the other places where Linux is REALLY put to use and
not just on a home machine.

as for the points....

> - Local lugs
> - queries of local interests
> - where do I get a CD
> - who sells linux compatible machines etc
> - local jobs
> - technical queries that can be answered locally

as such, activities can also be decided locally depending on the resources
that the LUG has and then maybe that be adapted by other LUG's with mutual

> - LI
> - nationwide events like IT.COM
> - advocacy/mass support issues
> - technical queries which couldn't be dealt with locally
> - inter ilug activity

Can be added to the LI list.....

- Guidelines / tips / HOWTO on initiating / running / maintaining a LUG
- Jobs in the national scenario  ;)


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