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Re: Welcome and let the discussions begin...

--- Sudhakar Chandra <thaths@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Everyone, please introduce yourselves and your ILUG.

Hi All,

About Me:
I'm Biju Chacko. I am representing ILUG Bangalore. I am it's latest
co-ordinator. I have been using Linux on-and-off (mostly off) since 1994.

About My LUG:
ILUG-Bangalore has some 330 members on the mailing list, and about 100
attend every meet.

It has existed since 1998, meets every 4th Saturday, and has been active in
Linux activities in India through participation at Bangalore IT.COM and

It counts among it's members people who are fairly well-known in the Indian
Linux scene like K. Dakshinamurthy , Atul Chitnis, Gopi Garge and several


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