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Re: Welcome and let the discussions begin...

Hello everyone,

> Everyone, please introduce yourselves and your ILUG.

I am representing the Indore chapter. I tried to start
the group around february last year with a mailing
list. The list attendence as of today is 43 which
includes indorian's from all over India and some
studying in USA. 

The meetings started around October 1999. We have had
about 4 meetings till now. But have not had any
meetings for quite some time now. The attendence in
the meetings varied from 5 people to 32 people.

Our site, which is about to be shifted to a proper
hosting account, is http://indore.linux-india.org

I personally started working on Linux with the first
PCQ Linux CD. Then started doing small intranets (mail
/ proxy , etc) for the companies here in  Indore and
Pithampur. Now am working for a software developement
company here in Indore.

Looking forward to contribute as much as I can for
this group.


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