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Millenium Meet - 18 dec. 1999

>Prof. Sriram has agreed to loan his new machine for the meet and we will
>demo corel linux, easy linux, and win linux (whatever that is), please
>bring the CD's (easy linux and winlinux).  

  Great. I take the responsibility of bringing the winlinux cd. It's a 500+ MB installation [ there isn't a "base install" , IIRC ] that needs to be done from within windows - You boot into win 9x and run "setup.exe" which install winlinux for you - the filesystem isn't ext2 - its UMSDOS - so its *REALLY* sloooooooow to work on - it installs KDE as default X-Environment.Does *all* configuring by itself - asks little or no questions IIRC - ... my Video card isn't supported in the stock X servers AFAIK ... especially the older ones...so my winlinux installation crashed ... it installed neatly , asked me to reboot into windows , and a new icon turned up... "Boot into Winlinux" - I clicked it... and it gave me the usual boot messages...went upto .... "Starting KDE......." and period - I had to warm boot ... and well , to me mp3s are more valuable than winlinux...so out it went :) ... too lazy to figure out how to fix it so it boots into id3 ... blah blah ... so the bottomline is..!
. there has to be windows already installed *with* 500 MB free space in the windows partition itself... well i *can* bring the windows 2000 RC 2 cd ... but I make no guarantee that winlinux 2000 [ or whatever it's called ] will install on a win 2K box . As for easylinux - I've never seen the cd(s) ...so lets just hope that whoever has it actually reads your mail and brings it ... ;)
  So also with corel linux...
  Sad that last meeting turned out that way...but i'm sure this one is gonna get greater than 40 people ... I *just* roped around 6 newbie's who've just heard of this "linux thing" but dont have a clue in the world on what it is... Lets hope we have more people converting to linux ;) 

- Ravi.

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