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Re: Millenium Meet - 18 dec. 1999

On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Ravi wrote:

<ravi>  Sad that last meeting turned out that way...but i'm sure this one is gonna get greater than 40 people ... I *just* roped around 6 newbie's who've just heard of this "linux thing" but dont have a clue in the world on what it is... 
Lets hope we have more people converting to linux ;) 
<ravi>  Cheers
<ravi>- Ravi.

Hi guys,

Lets not speak of 'converting'.
It has to be 'discovering'.

It has to be accepted that in a corporate environment a heterogeneous
environ is mostly used as an OS will be good in one thing and the other in
another aspect.

As for home users, despite the fact that there ARE lot of stuff from Linux
for the desktop, Win is still preferred. IMHO, it would be better
not to introduce Linux as an alternative, but as a powerful OS - which
after using for sometime people will realise that it is better than what
they have bene using till now.

What I mean is, let them form their opinion and better we do not say
for/against as it will be taken as a biased view only, especially with
people who hjad been using Win for quite some time.

No flames please, Iam a die-hard Linux fan myself.

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