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Re: error in reading frame-buffer device

> > device
> AFAIK, X server has drivers for different chipset and hence does not need frame
> buffer. Frame buffer is only one of the ways to run into graphics mode(Almost if
> nothing else works).

hi  shridhar,sriangsu

pls have a look at /usr/src/linux-2.2.14/Documentation/fb/framebuffer.txt

line  43 to 57 ( hopefully line no will be same for yr m/c as well mine 
in RH 6.2)

it clearly says that 


The frame buffer devices are also `normal' memory devices, this means, you
can read and write their contents. You can, for example, make a screen
snapshot by

  cp /dev/fb0 myfile

There also can be more than one frame buffer at a time, e.g. if you have a
graphics card in addition to the built-in hardware. The corresponding
buffer devices (/dev/fb0 and /dev/fb1 etc.) work independently.

Application software that uses the frame buffer device (e.g. the X server)
will use /dev/fb0 by default


this is a part of kernel documentation comming with RH distribution 
so hopefully should be correct