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Re: error in reading frame-buffer device

shubhendu wrote:
> > > device
> >
> > AFAIK, X server has drivers for different chipset and hence does not need frame
> > buffer. Frame buffer is only one of the ways to run into graphics mode(Almost if
> > nothing else works).
> this is a part of kernel documentation comming with RH distribution
> so hopefully should be correct

Yes it's correct. Kernel provies framebuffer for graphical display. However X
comes with it's own set of drivers and uses them. If any of pre-built drivers in
X does not work, you can opt to use framebuffer driver.

So both kernel and X provides their own graphics driver. It's been a long debate
about whose duty it is and who has done it better.

As a user we have more than one choices. (But it's not always better. If you
ever run into troubles with X and you are using frame buffer, you need to manage
two beasts, kernel and X. According to some reviews I read, it's a *real* scary