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problems installing kernel 2.4.1

hi all,
     I am having problems installing the kernel 2.4.1
got on mar 2001 pc-quest cd.
     I am using RH 7.0 on a pentium 100mhz machine.
     After extracting the new kernel.2.4.1.tar.bgz to
 I did the following steps
   a)make menuconfig (saved and exited).
   b)make dep
   c)make bzImage.
  later I copied the image from
...../linux/arch/i386/boot/bzImage to /boot/bzImage.
changed /etc/lilo.conf to reflect the new kernel.
   d) lilo
But when i rebooted i get the following messeges
 kernel decompressed....(or the like) and followed by 
...loading kernel 
   the system hangs afterwards. 
Can anyone help me out
ps:I even tried make zImage but get an error system
too big!

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