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Re: 4 queries

Sorry for that lolly pop question.
Actually, i simply copy-pasted the lines from a file, otherwise any
elementary book wud have told me that.

i realize that such a stupid question might have "offended" some people and
i render an apology for that :-)

r /\ |-| |_| |_
What a man has to go through for a piece of ass in this world is highly

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> Hi
> Rahul Jindal wrote:
> > 1. difference b/w files rep. as fixed length records and variable length
> > records.
> Not any more. Basically you need to identify the file as sequential,
> sequential or random access to have those terms any meaning. No modern OS
> mainframe ones offer such feature. So this classification is no longer
> It's same as binary v/s ASCII on unix. Dead as dodo..
> > 3. i think that "port numbers" are merely numbers, do i think right?
> Well, yes. it's one of the parameters that identify a connection between
> A and machine B
> machine A i/p
> machine A port no.
> machine B i/p
> machine B port no..
> IIRC, there are five right? Which one I left?
> > 4. how do we set path in linux; what is the analogous to this (this is
> > windoze) PATH=%PATH%;<new-path>. i don't want to overwrite the previous
> > path.
> >
> No idea... Anyway not a welcome question on a LI list...
>  Bye
>   Shridhar
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