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Re: 4 queries


Rahul Jindal wrote:

> 1. difference b/w files rep. as fixed length records and variable length
> records.

Not any more. Basically you need to identify the file as sequential, indexed
sequential or random access to have those terms any meaning. No modern OS except
mainframe ones offer such feature. So this classification is no longer valid.

It's same as binary v/s ASCII on unix. Dead as dodo..

> 3. i think that "port numbers" are merely numbers, do i think right?

Well, yes. it's one of the parameters that identify a connection between machine
A and machine B

machine A i/p
machine A port no.
machine B i/p
machine B port no..

IIRC, there are five right? Which one I left?

> 4. how do we set path in linux; what is the analogous to this (this is in
> windoze) PATH=%PATH%;<new-path>. i don't want to overwrite the previous
> path.

No idea... Anyway not a welcome question on a LI list...