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Re: Book on Compiler Design

Amarendra GODBOLE forced the electrons to say:
> > IMHO, the APUE equivalent in compiler design is "Compiler Design in C", by
> > Allen Holub, Prentice Hall pub. Extremely well organised and loaded with great
> > examples.
> Hi,
> Could not find this book in any shop in Mumbai. Out of print. If anybody has a 
> copy and stays in or around Mumbai, Pune, I would appreciate if he/she can loan 
> it to me for a couple of days.
> Binand, do you have this book ? 

No. But you can find it in IITB central library. But most likely it
won't be available - being the authoritative text for Compiler Design,
and IITB is running a course this semester on Compilers. :-)