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Re: Book on Compiler Design

Hari Krishna Pammi wrote (PHari@xxxxxxxxxx):
 >>> sumitr@xxxxxxxxxxxx 02/07/01 01:03AM >>>

>     Can anyone give me name of nice book to start with the concepts of
> Compiler Design .
> Any pointers would be an additional help.
> The best book is  Aho Ullman and Ravi Sethi. 

They're the authors; the bible is titled "Compilers: principles, techniques,
and tools", Addison-Wesley. Make sure you grab the 2nd edition.

IMHO, the APUE equivalent in compiler design is "Compiler Design in C", by
Allen Holub, Prentice Hall pub. Extremely well organised and loaded with great

Both the books are a must read anyway.
Good Luck!

- Raja