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Re: C in linux - bios calls, graphics

Sukrit K Mehra forced the electrons to say:
> { I did some checking up on ioctl() "the swiss army knife" well, all I could
> make out is this much only. that its the swiss army knife... the functions are
> randomly given and just function names are mentioned and the parameters are
> given somewhere and somewhere they are not. }

Admitted. ioctls are not documented at all. There is an obsolete
ioctl_list(2) man page, which usually serves no purpose. Most of the
time I find I have to browse through the kernel source code to figure
out the ioctl I want.

> I have already tried K&R, the documentation for curses and svga.libpackage (i
> am using RedHat pcq's last distro), ldp's lpg. 

If you find curses intimidating, try the newt library that comes with
RedHat. It is the code used by many RedHat applications, including its
installation program. It is easy to learn, but you might find the
documentation lacking a bit there also. The best would be to open up the
source of the installation program (or any utility like Xconfigurator or
whatever). I feel newt suits your purpose. You need the newt-devel
RPM installed.