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Re: C in linux - bios calls, graphics

Sukrit K Mehra forced the electrons to say:
> i know this has been going on recently but tell me .. tools like
> setup in linux, what languages are they developed in?

The tool setup that comes with RedHat Linux, IIRC, is written in C.

> i want the basic functionality of graphics.h in dos. curses is clumsy, imho.
> And i don't fully understand if vga.h is supposed to do the trick. if yes, then
> please guide me to some tutorial/how-to/faq/etc on the web. I have the sgva
> documentation but it is cryptic. 

Absolutely no idea about graphics.h. But your opinion that curses is
clumsy might not find many takers. There are a host of extremely popular
console tools that link to curses - mutt, pine, slrn, tin, lynx, vim,
emacs... just try convincing the users of these programs that curses
sucks. :-)

> Also, int86() in dos... these are bios calls i guess.. i did some readying up
> and i could find this. Please help with this too. 
> <a tutorial, a link to someplace, will be nice. >

AFAICT, Linux does not support bios calls from user level programs.
There are system calls and ioctl's that implement bios calls. 

If you tell use what you want to achieve, then maybe we can help you.