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Re: C in linux - bios calls, graphics

> Absolutely no idea about graphics.h. But your opinion that curses is
> clumsy might not find many takers. There are a host of extremely popular
> console tools that link to curses - mutt, pine, slrn, tin, lynx, vim,
> emacs... just try convincing the users of these programs that curses
> sucks. :-)

accepted, forgive my naiveness. :-)

> If you tell use what you want to achieve, then maybe we can help you.

actually i don't want anything specfic, i just want to learn to do that i am
making a program (for my nephew) to drill him on multipication tables. I find
that the interface makes him wary. 
these are the things I want to do...
1. beep() actually i know how to this one but it doesn't work as i want it to
(which means i don't know how to use it ;-)... endwin() well, the console goes
dead. I have to ctrl-c to stop the program.
2. I want to change the background colour, draw a rectangle.
3. I want to get the scan codes for the key pressed. Also, this whole getchar()
gets() getch() thing is very confusing... cause the books for C have dos in
mind. {i got k&R, its a good book but doesn't serve my purpose}

{ I did some checking up on ioctl() "the swiss army knife" well, all I could
make out is this much only. that its the swiss army knife... the functions are
randomly given and just function names are mentioned and the parameters are
given somewhere and somewhere they are not. }

4. I want to print something on a particular point on the screen without using
5. vga.h can it be used. 

	Its just that i am a little frustated with this whole thing. Obviously
my energy is miss used. Obviously these are too much for a single post i
understand that you can't answer all of them but what would be nice is that if
you could tell me where to look for these sort of things. 
I have already tried K&R, the documentation for curses and svga.libpackage (i
am using RedHat pcq's last distro), ldp's lpg. 
Thanks for your time. 
& Sorry for an inchorent mail.