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Re: [LIG] Virus in Linux -- Revisited

On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Rahul Jindal wrote:

> sorry guys no success till date from the possible solutions.
> but i managed to create a user named "root" witht the following command
> adduser -g root root

	Check if the uid of root is 0. (See below)

> Also what I noticed was that if i login using
> lilo: linux root=/dev/hda2 rw single
> it gives this output /bin/bash : no such file or directory

	Try lilo: linux emergency to get in. Then remount root rw.
Make a link of /bin/bash to /bin/sh or some other shell if bash doesn't

> the same "You don't exist. Go away" stll exists and continues to frustate.
> :-(

	Did a little digging. The above message comes from wall() which is
called in shutdown.c

	uid = getuid();
        if ((pwd = getpwuid(uid)) == (struct passwd *)0 &&
            (uid != 0 || fromshutdown)) {
            fprintf(stderr, "You don't exist. Go away.\n");
Since here, fromshutdown is 1, it must be that getpwuid(uid) is
returning NULL.
	maybe the uid of root is not 0, and there is no user with uid 0

	Best of Luck... and Enjoy Life...

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