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Re: extended ascii

use getkeycodes and dumpkeys commands to see the kbd scan codes


Shridhar Daithankar wrote:
> Hi
> You may not need to do all that fancy stuff. Ncurses provides such an interface
> that's easy enough to use....
> IIRC,the codes use on DOS are somewhat dependent on BIOS graphices. (Sorry I
> don't recall correctly. It's more than three years I have touched that stuff...)
> As a rule of thumb, CUI is ncurses in linux. You are welcome to write your
> own....
> Bye
>  Shridhar
> sindhoor pangal wrote:
> > hi
> > i have been looking for the extended ascii codes for
> > linux. u know! the ascii value for the double lines
> > that are usually drawn around dialog boxes in non
> > graphical editors and the kind!!! the dos codes dont
> > seem produce the right characters. any place i can
> > look!
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