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Re: extended ascii

On Sun, 24 Dec 2000, [iso-8859-1] sindhoor pangal wrote:

> hi
> i have been looking for the extended ascii codes for
> linux. u know! the ascii value for the double lines
> that are usually drawn around dialog boxes in non
> graphical editors and the kind!!! the dos codes dont
> seem produce the right characters. any place i can
> look!

For drawing a box, you can use the function 
box(WINDOW *win, chtype verch, chtype horch);

For details, see 'man ncurses' and 'man curs_border'

verch & horch specify Vertical & Horiz. characters. They can be ACS_VLINE
& ACS_HLINE (macros defined in curses.h - Edit curses.h & search for ACS_
for more.) ACS_ULCORNER (Upper left corner), ACS_URCORNER (Upper right),
ACS_BLCORNER (Bottom Left), ACS_BRCORNER (Bottom right) ..etc. are also
defined in curses.h & can be used to draw a complete box.