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Re: Re: [LIH] Intel 64 bit architechture

On Fri, Dec 22, 2000 at 02:11:04AM +0530, devrootp@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Days ago, I had a chance to work on IA64 based m/c running Linux
> (Turbo). I used it for floating point intensive calculation for complex
> simulation with heavy context switching. I have not found tremendous
> performance increase. This may be due to the use of same scheduling code
> used in kernel for ia64. MAY BE I AM LAME TO UNDERSTAND IT. Please
> correct me.
> Arun, please enlighten us.

Sorry, didn't read your mail carefully in the first pass - so your program
did heavy context switching and it's probably not written in fortran.

You can narrow it down to a scheduler problem using top/vmstat - see if
the machine was spending a lot of time in the "system" column, instead of
the usual "user" column.