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Re: [LIH] Intel 64 bit architechture


You have definitely chosen the right place to ask this question. Linux was ported to the IA64 quite a while back. One of the members of the team at Intel that did the job is also one of the founders of Linux India -- Arun Sharma. If you ask him, he will give you more information than you can possibly use. He will also explain to you why *BSD is better than linux and why the GPL is the work of the devil. *grinning, ducking and running*


At 10:55 AM 21/12/00 +0530, Pratap Chakravarthy wrote:
hi gurus,
It seems that IA64 will become very popular. I dont know whether it is really a revolutionary
architechture like i386, but it do seems that it has some innovative concepts.

If so is linux has to be "rewritten" for that architechture. Please suggest some pointers on them.


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