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Re: Re: [LIH] Intel 64 bit architechture

Days ago, I had a chance to work on IA64 based m/c running Linux
(Turbo). I used it for floating point intensive calculation for complex
simulation with heavy context switching. I have not found tremendous
performance increase. This may be due to the use of same scheduling code
used in kernel for ia64. MAY BE I AM LAME TO UNDERSTAND IT. Please
correct me.

Arun, please enlighten us.


Biju Chacko wrote:
> Hi,
> You have definitely chosen the right place to ask this question. Linux was
> ported to the IA64 quite a while back. One of the members of the team at
> Intel that did the job is also one of the founders of Linux India -- Arun
> Sharma. If you ask him, he will give you more information than you can
> possibly use. He will also explain to you why *BSD is better than linux and
> why the GPL is the work of the devil. *grinning, ducking and running*
> Biju
> At 10:55 AM 21/12/00 +0530, Pratap Chakravarthy wrote:
> >hi gurus,
> >     It seems that IA64 will become very popular. I dont know whether it
> > is really a revolutionary
> >architechture like i386, but it do seems that it has some innovative concepts.
> >
> >If so is linux has to be "rewritten" for that architechture. Please
> >suggest some pointers on them.
> >
> >pratap
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