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Re: CVS diff...

On Fri, Nov 10, 2000 at 05:27:15PM +0530, Binand Raj S wrote:
> Kedar Patankar forced the electrons to say:
> > I tried "cvs diff" at home and carried output of that command over a
> > floppy to workplace, but I can't patch the office working copy by just
> > 
> > cd ~/work_dir
> > patch < ~/cvs_diff_output_from_home
> > 
> > For some reason the patch command just refuses to recognise the patch.
> Depending on how you ran the diff command, you will have to give the
> appropriate -p option to patch. Read the man page for patch.

Perforce is a closed source, but free for personl use and free software
authors (BSD or GPL). It has a number of capabilities that CVS lacks.

You might want to read: