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Re: CVS diff...


> I am sorry if I am suggesting very naive method...
> But you can try transproting all the changed files. :-))

I found a not-so-stupid mistake on my part. CVS has a command called
"rdiff", which is supposed to give you a "pachable" diff of the cvs tree.
I had tried using that, but by chance I had given the command like this..

cvs rdiff -r OLDER_TAG -r NEWER_TAG Module_name > cvsrdiffout.diff

And when I try to patch the sources at the other site by using the
cvsrdiffout.diff, it used to nicely detect that this is so called "reverse
patch" (i.e. a patch to revert back to an older version, and applying that
patch to the older version itself, hence no need to do anything), and used
to ask me if I want to reverse the patch and apply. I didn't know this
reverse patch funda and used to say no (the default) to that opption. And
naturally nothing used to happen.

Just changing the command like this

cvs rdiff -r NEWER_TAG -r OLDER_TAG module_name > cvsrdiffout.diff fixed
everything. And it works beautifully.

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