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Re: CVS diff...

Not very sure, but is it because 'cvs diff' is different from normal diff
in the sense that it formats the output in some way different from diff.

If you checkout the original sources at home in some other directory, take
a diff of working directory and this recently checkedout one (from the top
dir) and then apply this patch, it should work out.


On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, Kedar Patankar wrote:

+ Hi,
+ I have a minor problem. I have two CVS repositories, one at home and
+ another at office. Both hold the same source tree, and I work on both. Now
+ my problem is this..
+ Assume that at beginning both are in sync (meaning the ,v files in either
+ are *identical*). Assume this is identified as tag "Sync_Home_0" at home
+ CVS and "Sync_Off_0" at office.
+ Now I begin working on the tree from home. By next day morning, I would
+ have changed my local checked out version of the tree - bug fixes, feature
+ addition. Before going to office, I want to carry a "diff" of my local
+ sources against "Sync_Home_0", get them copied to a floppy or email to my
+ office address.
+ After reachin workplace, I want to patch my checked out version (working 
+ copy, NOT the repository) of the tree with the diff I carried from home,
+ commit my changes to the office CVS, and begin further development.
+ How do I do this??
+ I tried "cvs diff" at home and carried output of that command over a
+ floppy to workplace, but I can't patch the office working copy by just
+ cd ~/work_dir
+ patch < ~/cvs_diff_output_from_home
+ For some reason the patch command just refuses to recognise the patch.
+ I have tried doing cvs rdiff, cvs diff -c (and various other such formats
+ like -u for unidiff etc).
+ Any clues???