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CVS diff...


I have a minor problem. I have two CVS repositories, one at home and
another at office. Both hold the same source tree, and I work on both. Now
my problem is this..

Assume that at beginning both are in sync (meaning the ,v files in either
are *identical*). Assume this is identified as tag "Sync_Home_0" at home
CVS and "Sync_Off_0" at office.

Now I begin working on the tree from home. By next day morning, I would
have changed my local checked out version of the tree - bug fixes, feature
addition. Before going to office, I want to carry a "diff" of my local
sources against "Sync_Home_0", get them copied to a floppy or email to my
office address.

After reachin workplace, I want to patch my checked out version (working 
copy, NOT the repository) of the tree with the diff I carried from home,
commit my changes to the office CVS, and begin further development.

How do I do this??

I tried "cvs diff" at home and carried output of that command over a
floppy to workplace, but I can't patch the office working copy by just

cd ~/work_dir
patch < ~/cvs_diff_output_from_home

For some reason the patch command just refuses to recognise the patch.

I have tried doing cvs rdiff, cvs diff -c (and various other such formats
like -u for unidiff etc).

Any clues???

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