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Re: ping,ftp,telnet

    check whether you have the Telnet and the FTP server running in your
system. you can check it by using netstat: type "netstat -a" and check whether
telnet and ftp is listed there. if not, add them in your /etc/inetd.conf
file.... the format of the file will be evident the moment you look at it. it
could have already been in that file, but, must have been commented.
    after adding, send SIGHUP signal to inetd - killall -HUP inetd.


keerthi wrote:

> Esteemed group,
>       Please help me with this problem.  I am able to ping from my machine
> to other machines, and others can ping me.  I can telnet, ftp to others but
> no one can telnet,ftp my machine.  I am not denying anyone in hosts.deny.  I
> added other machines in my /etc/hosts.
> Thanks,
> Keerthi
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