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[Fwd: Regarding the Motif panel help problem]

Hello All

This is a problem regarding Motif. It's been forwarded by my friend. Any
suggestions Welcome.


Medha Rane wrote:

> hi Shridhar,
> I am working on a motif client bug related to help panel. I am facing
> the following problem.
> For the help panels, text that is to be displayed is in the file. But
> there exists one panel that doesnt have help associated. So the filename
> and the topic passed as the panel resource are NULL strings. So a no
> help found message is displayed in the help panel. After, this scenario,
> if i call for help on any other panel(that has help associated with it),
> displays the same error string in the help panel. However correct
> Filename and Topic strings are passed to the help panel resource.
> The display function is as follows:
> void
> HelpObjectClass::displayHelpObject()
> {
>   Arg           args[10];
>   int           n;
>   const char*   hv;
>   const char*   ht;
>   const char*   t;
>   hv = strdup(helpVolume);
>   ht = strdup(helpTopic);
>   t = strdup(myManager->title);
>   n=0;
>   XtSetArg (args[n],XmNtitle, t); n++;
>   XtSetArg (args[n],DtNhelpVolume,hv);n++;
>   XtSetArg (args[n],DtNlocationId,ht);n++;
>   XtSetValues(helpWidget, args, n);
>   XtManageChild(helpWidget);
>   XtMapWidget(helpWidget);
>   XtPopup(XtParent(helpWidget), XtGrabNone);
>   XMapRaised(XtDisplay(helpWidget), XtWindow(XtParent(helpWidget)));
>   strfree(hv); strfree(ht); strfree(t);
>   inUse = 1;
> }
> Error Message:
>  The requested online help is either not installed or not in the proper
> help search path.  For
>  information on installing online help, consult the documentation for
> the product.
>  Help Volume:
>  Location ID:
> If the correct strings(values) are passed to the help panel resource,
> what could be the problem in loading the correct help file?
> Kindly let me know of any inputs on it.