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Re: ping,ftp,telnet

First of all this problem is noway related to programmers list, so pl. do
used to ask queries like this on linux-india-help list.
Now comes your problem. And keeping in view that you might haven't
sibscribed to linux-india-help I am sending the mail on programmers list

Check your /etc/inetd.conf file and see whether the line
containing in.telnetd and in.ftpd is commented or not. these too lines are
responsible to fork out the telnet and ftp server deamons. If these two
lines are not commented do check whether they are installed or not.
I hope this only will be the problem.
If I am wrong anywhere I would like to be corrected myself.


On Fri, 3 Nov 2000, keerthi wrote:

> Esteemed group,
>       Please help me with this problem.  I am able to ping from my machine
> to other machines, and others can ping me.  I can telnet, ftp to others but
> no one can telnet,ftp my machine.  I am not denying anyone in hosts.deny.  I
> added other machines in my /etc/hosts.
> Thanks,
> Keerthi
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