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Re: Working of Syslogd

On Wed, Sep 20, 2000 at 09:33:50AM +0530, Mandar Behere wrote:
> Hi,
>     Thanks for reply. But I am still confused about the multithreading
> issue. By the term threadsafe, I wanted to ask if my application is
> multithreaded and all the threads are writing to the syslog, will it be a
> problem ? Should I do the syslogging under mutex ?

My guess is that it's safe. Because syslog doesn't run inside your MT
program. It runs in a separate process as syslogd. Various concurrent
calls to syslog are serialized by socket calls in the library i.e.
only one accept at a time.

>     Can you point me to sources other than man pages as man pages doesn't
> talk about the multithreading part.

Unfortunately, that's life in the big city working on an open source
OS. The std answer you'll get is, find out and send diffs to man pages :)