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Re: Working of Syslogd

    Thanks for reply. But I am still confused about the multithreading
issue. By the term threadsafe, I wanted to ask if my application is
multithreaded and all the threads are writing to the syslog, will it be a
problem ? Should I do the syslogging under mutex ?
    Can you point me to sources other than man pages as man pages doesn't
talk about the multithreading part.


Arun Sharma wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 19, 2000 at 12:36:03PM +0530, Mandar Behere wrote:
> > Hi,
> >     I will like to know few things about Syslog. The main issues I am
> > looking at are
> > 1. Is it threadsafe ?
> syslogd AFAIK is not multithreaded. Therefore the issue of thread safety
> doesn't arise.
> As far as syslog(3) is concerned, it works over sockets and therefore
> should be safe to use from a multithreaded program. Read the sources
> for a definitive answer.
> > 2. What is commonly followed strategy for backing up the syslog files
> > specially for embedded Linux systems?
> With most distributions, there is a log rotation facility, run as a
> cron job. Perhaps you can enhance the cron job to back up.
> > 3. Is there any tool available to which will parse the log files and
> > give me the information in an arranged manner ?
> Many - lookup in freshmeat.net. Also read the LIH archives - there was
> some discussion about a perl script that did log coloring.
>         -Arun
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