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Re: [LIG] Problem regarding JDBC Driver

SMPS proclaimed:
> I've succesfully installed PostgreSQL7.0 and the database is
> just upright. Well, Now I've been trying to install the JDBC Driver.
> Well, I've been facing some problem while putting up the
> "make" command from the location '/usr/src/pgsql/src/interfaces/jdbc'
> but it was giving me the following error.
> (echo "package org.postgresql;" ;\
>  echo "public class DriverClass {" ;\
>  echo "public static String
> connectClass=\"org.postgresql.jdbc2.Connection\";" ;\
>  echo "}" \
> ) >usr/src/pgsql/src/interfaces/jdbc/org/postgresql/DriverClass.java
> /bin/sh:usr/src/pgsql/src/interfaces/jdbc/org/postgresql/DriverClass.java:
> No such file or directory.
> make:*** [jdbc2] Error 1



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