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[reghunathpd@xxxxxxx: A Linux help ...please]

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Dear Sir,

Here is my problem,

Sub:InterProcess Communication in Linux

There are two neverending, concurrent, independent process..P1 and P2
P1 is capable of generating some data..
and p2 is capable of consuming some data.
P1 is a C Process.
P2 is a Java Process.

Q::No 1
Is there exists any way to redirect the output of p1 , to p2 without
disturbing p1 or p2..?

( With the use of pipes p2 has to wait for the completion of p1. 
Any other way ?)

Q::No 2
if I have the rights to modify p2 (Java),
How can I consume or use the o/p of p1.

Q::No 3
if i have the rights to modify p1 & p2,i think that sockets are usefull. 
Any other way ?

I 'll be very helpful if these problems are solved.

Reghunath PD,
MCA Student,
Cochin University,
South India.

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