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Re: [LIG] CPU Utilisation

Kelvin Ng proclaimed:
>     Does somebody knows what command should used to
> check to the cpu utilistion other than "top" command.
> FYI , I wants to write a shell script to plot CPU
> utilisation onto MRTG .


I'm moving this discussion to the linux-india-programmers (LIP) mailing
list as it is a more appropriate list for discussing these issues.

What you need to do is write a small script that will gather the required
data from /proc/stat  In addition to CPU usage, you can gather tons of
useful info from /proc.  See http://www.aunet.org/logs/mrtg/ for some

Search the web for the Official and Unofficial mrtg FAQ and it clearly
explains how you can write your own "helper" scripts to plug into mrtg. 
The FAQ takes CPU usage moniroting as an example and ends up with an awk
script to pass CPU usage info to mrtg.

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