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Re: POP3 Server


Prashant KS typed:
> 1. Where is the executable of this POP3 server on the
> linux machine i.e, the path and name of the binary
> file. On a Debian Linux it has the name qpopper. But I
> wanted the name and path on a RedHat Linux System. 

It is an inet service. So you can get the name of the program by
looking in inetd.conf. The program actually called is
/usr/sbin/ipop3d, which is part of the imap package.

> 2. Now if am able to get the name of the POP3 server.
> Now using what the POP3 server authenticates a user,
> whether is it /etc/passwd file or some LDAP or PAM or
> can  we customize it. 

It uses PAM. I'm not sure about how to customize it.
/usr/doc/imap-x.xx doesn't have any information. :-( You may have to
do some websearching.

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