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POP3 Server

I know that a POP3 server will be running on a Linux
Machine and if we have an account on it we can pop our
mails from that server by giving the user-id and the
password. Now I have some doubts regarding this.

1. Where is the executable of this POP3 server on the
linux machine i.e, the path and name of the binary
file. On a Debian Linux it has the name qpopper. But I
wanted the name and path on a RedHat Linux System. 

2. Now if am able to get the name of the POP3 server.
Now using what the POP3 server authenticates a user,
whether is it /etc/passwd file or some LDAP or PAM or
can  we customize it. 

3.Further it downloads the mails from
/var/spool/mail/userid file. Can I again customize it
to download mails from some where else.

If I cannot customize should I write my own pop server
or is there any other alternative?

Thanks and Regards

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