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port 8080 vs. port 80

hi list
the problem was of not having PWD in path. solved thanks list. i am
using tomcat with apache using mod_jserv. in apache httpd.conf when i am
including tomcat.conf and do 
lynx http://localhost/examples/jsp 
nothing is shown( returns an error) however when i include
and do 
lynx http://localhost/examples/jsp 
example page is shown but i am unable to execute any jsps( document
contains no data error)
when i do lynx http://localhost:8080/examples/jsp 
the example page is shown and i can execute jsps.

if apache is listening on port 80 and tomcat on 8080 and apache
redirects jsp requests to tomcat via mod_jserv why do i need to specify
port 8080 ? that means i am requesting pages from tomcat only? what do i
need to do to make sure that request goes to apache and then to tomcat
via mod_jserv ? 
			means i should be able to execute jsps by typing 
lynx http://localhost/examples/jsp , why i am unable to do so ? apache
is returning no errors for LoadModule jserv_module libexec/mod_jserv.so

would appreciate any clarification on this 80 vs. 8080 issue

tia and regards		
Sandeep Sundaram wrote:
> Hi,
>       This problem usually occurs if the Class path is not set properly.
> Try to unset the class path and set it again to the current directory, i.e

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